Coffeeneuring Challenge Control #4 – Three Bees Coffee.

So last Sunday 10/28/12, I went to Three Bees Coffee in downtown San Mateo, CA. I found this in my search of coffee houses on google. It had the top ranking in San per Yelp in San Mateo so it looked like a good choice. Not sure why I didn’t see it last week. Maybe the rankings changed?

This was all part of the coffeeneuring challenge that I am in the middle of attempting. I have to go to 7 coffee shops by mid-November. The distance each way has to be at least three miles. I can’t do two trips in one day. It must be on the weekend.  I can combine the trip with a trip to the store, or other errand, but it can’t be combined with a sanctioned randonneur brevet.

It is about the same distance (3.5 miles each way)  as one of my previous stops, Bean St. Coffee. In fact, they are about one week apart. As I reported in my earlier post, my first trip to Bean Street Coffee ended up being my last as they closed that weekend. When I rode by it, I saw workmen inside moving equipment out of the store. Very sad indeed, but were it not for coffeeneuring, I never would have gone.

I went inside of Three Bean Coffee and thought the place looked very nice indeed.

To either side, there was some very interesting artwork.

Grouch Marx meets Grateful Dead?

Clearly this was in honor of Halloween, which was in the next few days.

I had a gingerbread latte and a piece of their coffee cake. The latte was quite nice, and she even put a little smily face in the foam! Excellent touch.

I had heard about this sort of thing of course, but had never had it myself.

I finished my latte and coffee cake and rode home.  All in all, a very nice outing.

Next week I plan on completing two more, one will be part of a 60 mile ride to Mt. Hamilton in Jose. Probably 6-7,000 feet of elevation. This will be the first real test for my hand. My max distance since the accident in July is 30 miles, and that had much less elevation.

I hope I can handle it. More importantly,  I sure hope there is coffee out there!

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