Why the Crazy Randonneur, and What’s with that helmet?

So I thought I should explain why I am calling my blog “The Crazy Randonneur.”

Well, there is a “Lazy Randonneur,” a “Daily Randonneur,” so why not a crazy randonneur? I really wanted to write a blog myself. I was very much inspired by  Vik’s “Lazy Randonneur” blog, so I hope he takes this name as a compliment!


So why the name? Well, I pondered this for a while:

Here I am, very seriously, pondering why I named my blog the crazy randonneur. hmm....

So you probably noticed the propeller on top of my helmet.  So that is really the idea. I put this on my helmet a few months ago, and got big reactions to it. Usually, people will yell out ” I love it!” as I ride by, or “Where did you get that?” Occasionally, they will ask me if it helps generate power for my lights, and I reply, “No, it’s my smile generator!”

That is really what it is for. People can’t help but smile as I ride by as the propeller on top of my helmet is spinning furiously.

But really, the whole idea came from my dog Guinness. Prior to last Halloween, my wife and I were looking for costume ideas. Yeah, yeah… I know… Pretty silly, but don’t judge us!

Anyway, he is a therapy dog and we go to dog obedience class with our friends. Every year, there is a Halloween contest. So this year, my wife and I found this great hat for him.

Guinness wearing his propeller beanie for the first time. No, he is not saying "Pa! Why did you put this on me!""

As soon as I saw it, I said to Tanya “OOOHH!! I want that! I could find one, and cut off the top, and put it on my helmet with glue…”

Forgetting all about it, a few days later she found this website that not only sells propeller hats and beanies, but also one specifically designed to be mounted on a bike hemet.


So big shock, I ordered a couple…

I wear it all the time now. I sometimes forget I have it on my helmet now, and wonder why people look at me with a bemused expression on their face. Big shock, it makes people remember me.

In fact, after my last 200k, I was at our local REI, and was just leaving when a young man on a bike asked me, “Weren’t you at the Two-Rock 200k a couple weeks back?”

I said, “I was. I’m surprised you recognized me. There were 150 people or so?”

He said, ” I probably wouldn’t have, but I remembered the propeller hat!”

So the more  brevets I ride, the more my legend grows.

Now if I only I could finish in the middle of pack, instead of at the end…


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