Here’s a great post by my blogging inspiration, Vik.

He and his gf Sharon did a 50k populaire on their Bike Friday tandem. Awesome job!

Now if I can only talk my CFO at home into letting me buy one…

The Lazy Rando Blog...

Sharon and I rode the 50K route at the BC Randonneurs Victoria Populaire Sunday. Add in ~20kms riding to/from the event and we rode farther than ever before on the tandem. Sharon also rode her longest ever distance on a bicycle. Obviously 70kms is not going to impress folks that ride 1200km events, but considering Sharon didn’t ride a bike when I met her this is a great achievement. Even better Sharon’s talking about riding the 100km route on our own this spring. Our distance riding progress may be slow, but it’s steady…=-)

We met up with Aaron and Laura at the start. They were riding Dahon folding bikes so we were all rolling on 20″ wheels. We were joined by Brian and Mike on their big wheel bikes. The day was sunny and there were something like ~140 riders joining us on the course. The organizers did a…

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  1. Your chubby friend with the BC Rando jersey has a cool tandem!

    • Ha! If that guy is chubby, then I am morbidly obese! 😉

      Seriously, great job for Sharon! I’m trying to use your story to inspire my sig. other. She is 5’0″, and I think the BF tandem would be perfect for us as well. She hasn’t ridden a bike in years. She loves the look of your raspberry rocket!


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